About Geosigma

We are a Swedish technical consultancy focused on geotechnics, rock, soil contamination, water contamination, groundwater reservoirs, and environmental impact assessments. We are around 60 employees spread across our offices in Stockholm, Göteborg, Uppsala and Luleå.

What make us unique are our methods and our employees’ leading edge expertise in combination with our desire to be at the forefront of innovative technical engineering solutions.

Our customers are contractors, construction and property management companies, fuel companies, industrial companies, mining companies, municipal councils, authorities, universities and other technical consultancies.


Geosigma was founded in 1991 as a spin-off from SGAB (Sveriges Geologiska AB). Its base was expertise in hydrogeology. The main customer was SKB (Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company). Initially, the business focused on groundwater prospecting, tracer technology and environmental analyses. From the beginning, Geosigma invested in establishing an innovation center which specializes in developing instruments and new measuring systems in a symbiotic relationship with the consultancy business.

Based on Geosigma’s core competencies in soil, rock and water, the company has moved into new markets and customer segments. We still have a strong relationship with SKB (Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company).

Environmental services

Geosigma offers a wide range of services related to environmental investigations, focusing on polluted/contaminated areas. We conduct environmental soil investigations, risk assessments and help our clients to develop technically sound remediation measures. We carry out environmental inspection and monitoring during site clean-up, and we design and implement monitoring programs.

Geosigma’s broad and extensive level of expertise is a significant asset in environmental projects in which knowledge about soil, water and rock is essential in order to understand how contaminants are transported and behave in our environment.

Geosigma is at the forefront concerning knowledge about contamination by chlorinated solvents, and has extensive experience in investigating contamination from, for example, the fuel and engineering industry. We strive to be involved and lead the development of methods for in situ clean-up and our clients engage us as experts in this area.

Other environmental services that we offer include helping our clients communicating with authorities, permit applications and environmental impact statements. We also carry out environmental audits for property transfers (MIFO phase 1/Due Diligence).

Geotechnical services

Geosigma provides services for investigation, analysis, design, review, monitoring, advice and inspection during the different construction phases. We carry out geotechnical investigations, project design as well as stability and subsidence investigations. Our services also include design of temporary excavations and earth reinforcement.

Rock services

We offer comprehensive rock engineering expertise for the various phases of the construction process. Specialist competencies includes geology, blasting technology, grouting, rock mechanical testing, geological characterization through borehole filming (HiOpTV) and core mapping, as well as non-destructive testing of rock bolts (RockBoltTester).

Based on each project’s specific requirements and the rock properties we develop designs for grouting and rock reinforcement as well as recommendations for rock excavation and tunnelling. During the construction phase we conduct tunnel mapping, inspections and monitoring, and provide technical advice in order to prevent and solve rock-related problems. We have many years of extensive experience from underground as well as aboveground projects, often with complicating attributes such as limited rock coverage, high hillslopes and proximity to construction sites or underground facilities.

We also carry out permit application assessments of, for example, tunnels and rock coring and provide recommendations for measures to be taken.

Technology and innovation services

Geosigma has more than 20 years of experience in developing advanced and customer-adapted measurement systems for applications in soil, rock and water. Geosigma’s personnel are innovative troubleshooters, who together with the customer determine a technical specification for the requested product. Based on this, the creative work is started developing instruments and products that help the customer in a cost-efficient way to develop their project, or to solve a technical problem. Once a measurement system or other field equipment has been manufactured, Geosigma also offer field implementation, monitoring and measurements.

Among our own in-house developed and unique instruments are:

Spinner – for flow measurements in boreholes and identification of water flow from fractures
WIC – for hydraulic testing in boreholes with a pump that enables fast correction of the relationship between flow and pressure so that relevant flow information can be analysed

Water services

Hydrology and hydrogeology are one of Geosigma’s foremost areas of expertise, in which we work on everything from quick basic assessments to major complex projects. We conduct water-related investigations, for example, for constructions below the groundwater table, allocation of water resources, storm-water runoff, impact analysis and permits for water-related activities.

Besides the traditional methods such as modelling, pumping tests and groundwater level monitoring, Geosigma also has some unique hydrogeological methods.  These include flow logging in boreholes and high-quality measurements of water-conducting properties, which are very useful for investigating hydrogeological conditions. Another method with many practical applications is tracer investigations, useful for mapping the water flow pattern and transport properties in rock, soil and other systems involving water.

Geosigma’s extensive experience in this area together with broad access to hydrogeological tools means that we can be very flexible in our investigations and easily adapt the practical work based on the clients’s requirements. This also means that Geosigma is often in demand by other technical consultants regarding water-related questions, in small as well as large projects.


In 2009, Geosigma was acquired by Geosigma Holding AB (formerly KOLW AB) which is primarily owned by The Wigon Thuresson Family, Kurt O. Eriksson and Lars Wiklund.

Board of directors

The Board Directors consists of MD Per Aspemar, Deputy MD Peter Andersson and CFO Maria Kimby.

Contact details

Deputy Managing Director Peter Andersson
Email: peter.andersson@geosigma.se
Direct telephone +46 10 482 8815
Mobile/SMS +46 706 400 041